Shipping & Return Policy

运输条款 Shipping Policy

邮费 Postage Fees & Charges

  • 任何西马的订单(除了Langkawi) 虹桥将收取费用RM10
  •  东马(沙巴和沙捞越) 暂时不开放送货服务。
  •  虹桥将承担剩余的运输费,35%的油费和政府收取的运输费。
  • Hong Qiao charge only RM10 per purchase for a single consignee for West Malaysia. (exclude Langkawi)
  • For East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) is not available temporary.
  • Hong Qiao will bear the balance of the shipping fees, 35% petrol and shipping fee surcharge by the government.

免费送货 Free Deliver

  • 西马一带(除了Langkawi),只要单张订单超过RM180,虹桥将提供免费送货上门服务。
  • 东马(沙巴和沙捞越)暂时不开放这项服务。
  • 您可选择使用GDEX / Motorex / Skynet 来运送您的包裹。
  • 确认款项后才会开始发货。

  • Hong Qiao provide free delivery services within West Malaysia (exclude Langkawi) on purchases above RM180 in a single order.
  • For East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) is not available temporary.
  • Your parcels are delivered using the following courier services GDEX/Motorex/Skynet.
  • Goods will only be dispatched after payment has been received.

    Gentle reminder: Currently we ONLY available ship to West Malaysia (exclude Langkawi). All addresses are unable to make any adjustment once already in processing.

自行上门取货 Self-Collect

You can choose to collect your purchases at Hong Qiao’s Office, located in Johor Bahru, Johor.

虹桥办公室地址 Hong Qiao Office Address:
2, JalanWira 3,
Taman Sri Yacob,
81300 Skudai, Johor.

若有任何疑问请联络 012-7996906 或者电邮至 以获取更多详情与此同时也请提供您的订单资料。
Please contact 012-7996906 or  for further information and please provide your order details.

送货时间 Delivery Time

We try our best to prepare your orders and send them out as soon as we can but orders can only be shipped during working days and hours. We hope our beloved customers might note that Hong Qiao does not represent courier companies, and as much as we hope for parcels to arrive on time, parcels can suffer delays beyond our control. However, please rest assured we're on your side and will help in any way we can.

温馨提示:虹桥的工作时间是星期一至五(8am – 6pm),不包括公共假日。
Gentle reminder: Our Office hours is from Monday to Friday (8am – 6pm), excluding Public Holidays.

促销期间 During Promotion Periods

请联络我们:012-7996906 或电邮至

During peak periods, there may be some delay in shipping. Please bear with us as we could not fulfil the usual next day delivery promise due to large volume of orders, transaction and availability issues.

For more details or inquiries on shipping issues, 
Please contact us at:  012-7996906 or

退货政策 Return Policy

货物出门,恕不退还/更换货品。若发现有任何的损坏或货不对版,请在4天内联络虹桥进行一对一更换,逾期恕不受理。请联络我们的客服人员012-7996906 或电邮您的资料至我们的客服人员会在最短的工作时间内回复您的消息。

No item changes / return are allowed after payment has been made, except defective or non-conforming goods are exchangeable on one-to-one basis within 4 working days.You can contact our customer service at 012-7996906 or email your inquiry to Our customer service will contact you during working days and hours.

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Shipping & Return Policy

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